Captains Blog – 2/3/2017 – Love is in the air

You blink and before you know it, January’s history and only 11 more months to the new year. February brings about a lot of love in everyone. No love was lost when my wife shot me down and informed me that I was not an expert rider on anything like I seemed to have suggested in my previous post. She showed me a pretty disturbing video that resides on the “dark web”. She wants me to share it. The secret to a happy marriage is to always say “Yes dear”!


2017 is building up to be a great year with a lot of rides and volunteer opportunities.

Jalapeno 100 Bike Ride

If you are looking to dust those cobwebs from the pedals and start riding, then I got the perfect ride for you. Jalapeno 100 Bike Ride takes place on February 25, 2017 and has distances from 12 -100 miles.

Bike Around the Bay

Last year, some of our fellow riders from the Texas City Refinery participated in ‘Bike Around the Bay’ ride. It is a two-day 170- mile fully supported ride around Galveston Bay. Some of us folks from San Antonio are planning on doing the ride this year and supporting our Texas City Refinery team. If you are interested, click here for more detailed information. This event is posted on our calendar.

A big shout-out to Manoj Joshi who was the volunteer of the year at the Texas Refinery and also participated in various bike rides around the year.

Tower Climb

Peter “Wrong Way” Ray took a wrong turn, got off his bike, ran a mile and climbed 952 steps. I don’t know what he was thinking. In all fairness, he did it for a great cause and also took more than 50 Valero employees on this journey. Most of them didn’t show up for work on Monday! There is a blog and a video that Dan Baumer, social Media Director at the San Pedro Playhouse made for the team. 

Bake Sale

Don’t forget to stop by the bake sale on February 14 and buy something sweet for that special someone!

Super Bowl Sunday

Knowing that my Cowboys are not playing this Sunday makes it a pretty boring game. Since I do shop a lot at Home Depot, I guess I’m supporting the Atlanta Falcons! Yay! Go Falcons! Something to google if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

I leave you with a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day!

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